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Woman using nasal cannula.

About us:
Melissa and David

Melissa is determination unleashed! A killer influenza crushed her lungs when she was just a toddler.  Hospitalized for six months, the doctors told her mother to take her home and bring her back "if she didn't die." It was hard, and she never could breathe, but she survived and even graduated from college (although the only way she could get to class was by walking from one bench to another.)


She's been using oxygen at home since 2016. Melissa's goal is to make living with oxygen easier and invent even more great new products to help people! Product development is her favorite form of patient advocacy.

Award winning

The O2 FRESH™ nasal cannula cover was awarded a Mobility Product Award in the Accessories, Wheelchair category in 2022 by Mobility Management.

nasal cannula cover won award_edited.jpg

Recognized by the National Science Foundation

The O2 FRESH™ team was honored participate in the highly competitive National Science Foundation Innovation Corporation (NSF I-Corp) in 2020.

Funded by the Department of Defense

Fun fact: products designed with a 3D printer, like the original O2 FRESH nasal cannula cover prototype, aren't always manufacturable. That's because a 3D printer can produce shapes a manufacturing mold (think a cake pan or candy mold) can't.

Hartfiel Medical was proud (and darn relieved) to receive a grant from the Department of Defense, administered by The Ohio State University, for the university to redesign our prototype for manufacturing. A lot of craftmanship and deep thought went into the development and manufacture of the cannula cover.


Take a look, we're proud of our work!

O2 FRESH™ social values

Improved Indoor Air Quality for Respiratory Health

Indoor air quality can make respiratory conditions worse. O2 FRESH™, is partnering with WellAir Solutions to bring their air cleaning solutions to respiratory patients. Learn more.

Patient Advocacy​

O2 FRESH™ inventor Melissa Egts is a COPD Foundation State Captain involved in patient advocacy and promoting the use of the Foundation's patient and provider resources.

Melissa is also happy to serve on the Fight For Air Climb planning committee of the American Lung Association (Cleveland). The Fight For Air Climb is the association's signature fundraising event.

Educating Next Gen Healthcare Workers


O2 FRESH™ nasal cannula cover inventor Melissa is a Biotechnology Advisor Board Member for the Akron STEM School.The focus of the high school is to help young adults find a career path in healthcare.

Our inspiration: We give thanks!


Jack, with his wife Sara, started a construction company to pay our Founder's medical bills when she became ill as a child. Jack worked on roofs during the day and a steel mill at night to make money to pay the bills and support their family of four daughters.

At its peak, the company they created provided jobs for 13 people - a true American success story.

COPD patient.
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