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Home Oxygen Patients
Keep your nasal cannula from falling on the floor.

Who said using nasal cannulas that fall all over the place was something you had to live with? 


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Medical Professionals
Better for your patients. Great for your business.

Upgrade patient hygiene, mitigate risks, and decrease bottlenecks with O2 FRESH.


The nose is a gateway to the lungs.

Re-inserting nasal cannulas that fall on the floor during oxygen therapy is not safe!

The answer to the question, "How do I clean a nasal cannula?" is not to get it dirty in the first place. Say "YES" to a clean and O2 FRESH™ nasal cannula feeling and "NO" to using a dirty or brown nasal cannula.

If you are looking for oxygen supplies for home oxygen or a new risk mitigation strategy for your healthcare facility, buy a patented O2 FRESH™ oxygen cover TODAY!