The next big thing in healthcare risk mitigation.

Is small and and O2 FRESH™.

19% of hospital readmissions were caused by respiratory infections.

You wouldn't swipe your finger across a hospital floor and put it in your nose. Yet nasal cannulas often fall on the floor. Or are flung over oxygen flow meters exposed to room air and contact with the hospital wall. And somehow under the patient. And then reinserted into the nose.

NEW! The O2 FRESH™ nasal cannula cover puts a wall between your patients' nasal cannula prongs and everything else.

male patient wearing a nasal cannula oxygen.jpg

Other people's coughs and sneezes.

Falls to the floor.


Respiratory viruses on surfaces like doorknobs and fabrics like uniforms.

Respiratory viruses that float through the air attached to microscopic particles of dust.

Dust and dirt.