Respiratory therapist using stethoscope to treat COPD patient.


Stop the contact.

Mitigate the risk.

Reap three rewards.

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Reward One: Reusable and Less Expensive

An O2 FRESH Nasal Cannula Cover™ is like a durable medical equipment item you can buy once, sanitize and reuse!


Did you know you are likely spending $5.76 per year per patient on plastic bags to store nasal cannulas for oxygen therapy? 

An O2 FRESH™ Nasal Cannula Cover pays for itself in one year or less over the cost of buying plastic bags for nasal cannula storage with our bulk pricing. 

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Reward Two:
Faster To Use

Free up staff time and improve patient and resident comfort and convenience with an O2 FRESH™ Nasal Cannula Cover!

The O2 FRESH™ Nasal Cannula Cover provides hygienic nasal cannula storage that is faster and safer to use than a plastic bag, travels with the patient, and is always conveniently nearby. 

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Reward Three: Better

Stop The Contact. Mitigate The Risk.

Graph that shows infection risk from nasal cannulas.
I have seen so many patients drop their cannulas on the floor in areas that have some seriously questionable bacteria and germs, then place the cannula back into their nose, potentially even blowing them deeper into the patients' airways and maybe even causing further breathing and infectious issues.

- Outpatient Pulmonary Transition Coordinator

Ventilated Nasal Cannula Storage Decreases Bacterial Load.

California State University study showed that putting nasal cannulas into ventilated storage "decreases the amount of bacteria and likely minimizes cross-contaminants and re-introduction of large numbers of bacteria in the nose."

The patient puts the contaminated nasal cannula back in their nostrils and directly transfers potentially pathogenic organisms onto the mucous membranes inside their nasal passages, putting them at risk of developing a respiratory  infection.

Read the full article at
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Give your patients and residents an O2 FRESH Nasal Cannula Cover and give them another reason to choose you.

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