Respiratory therapist giving COPD patient  medical oxygen.


Teach the danger.

Stop the contact.

Help your patient.

O2 FRESH is on a mission to leverage the voice of the patient to help you deliver exceptional oxygen therapy that meets your patients' unmet respiratory hygiene needs and promotes healthy behavior change. And it starts with the patient's lifeline - their nasal cannula!

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Tell Your Patients About O2 FRESH Nasal Cannula Covers!

Patients want to be told by their providers about O2 FRESH Nasal Cannula Covers. 

Help them by building O2 FRESH
into your patient education and support offerings.

O2 FRESH™ Helps You
Champion The Patient

You tell us patients' nasal cannulas are brown from overuse and exposure.

You tell us nasal cannulas are always on the floor and it bothers you because you see patients put them back in their noses.

You tell us you know your patients do this because they don't have another choice.

Now they do. And so do you:

The O2 FRESH™ Nasal Cannula Cover.


Respiratory therapist caring for patient using medical oxygen.

The next big idea in healthcare is small.



an uncovered nasal cannula prong.
Customer adds logo to medical supply.

Give O2 FRESH™ Nasal Cannula Covers to your patients who use oxygen therapy.

Bulk pricing and logo programs are available.

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