You know the nose is a direct route of transmission into the body.

Your patient doesn't.
  • Teach the danger.

  • Stop potential contact transmission.

  • Help your patient by mitigating their rehospitalization risk.​

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Finally, a way to teach respiratory hygiene that goes beyond covering coughs and droplet precautions and directly addresses the way your patients use (and abuse) their nasal cannula lifelines!

Gift the power of clean lung health! 

It's easy to give O2 FRESH nasal cannula covers to your patients and residents. Use them as a discharge item, to promote your facility and services, in welcome packets, or as holiday gifts.

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We're passionate about patient advocacy, too.

The way nasal cannulas are handled bothers you.


You tell us your oxygen therapy patients' nasal cannulas are brown from overuse and exposure.

You tell us nasal cannulas are always on the floor and you cringe every time you see patients put them back in their noses.

One of you told our Founder Melissa a story about how nasal cannulas frequently bounce off hospital walls when tossed over an oxygen flow meter. And are then re-inserted into the patients' noses.

Now your patients have a solution. And so do you:
The O2 FRESH™ nasal cannula cover!

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