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How to keep oxygen tubing off the floor? Use O2 FRESH oxygen tubing covers!

Nasal cannula covers, ear covers, and more!

O2 FRESH products from ear protectors for oxygen tubing to oxygen hose cover are designed by an oxygen user for other oxygen users. 

We want you to be as comfortable buying ear guards for oxygen tubing from us as you would be using our oxygen cannula covers. We've worked hard to make sure our ear covers for oxygen tubing actually prevent sore ears from oxygen tubing and are comfortable to wear and easy to use. That's why our ear covers are all about the right fit for you and don't cover more of your face than needed and only cover the oxygen tank tubing.

We believe our nasa cannula protective cover is the best for its compact size, quality of material and ease of use. It is the only one of the cannula covers on the market with a handy universal attachable handle. Buying from O2 FRESH supports small business, too!

O2 FRESH nasal cannula covers and oxygen tube ear protectors come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. We ship medical ear covers and nasal cannulas daily to our at home oxygen users to complement your nasal cannulas and make using oxygen therapy the the best experience possible.


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