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Finding A Support Group

Sometimes you want to talk; sometimes you just need to listen. Find your community today!

Sometimes, you just need to talk to someone who understands what you are going through. Here's three great suggestions!

There is a lively conversation going on all day long on the COPD Foundation's Oxygen360 social app. Find it on their website.

Don't have COPD? No worries, RIght To Breathe has monthly meetings for people with any kind of respiratory illness including asthma. The last meeting had 300 people registered and a speaker answered questions about portable oxygen concentrators.

Finally, Facebook! Facebook has many groups. I really like COPD Navigators and COPD Warriors. Even if you don't have COPD there are lively discussions all day long about living with oxygen. And, of course, people reachiing out for, and giving, support to each other on their patient journeys!

What support groups have you found? What motivates you and helps you care for yourself?

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