OFF YOUR FACE AND SO MUCH MORE! Don't you hate nasal cannula lines across your face and sore ears? Try our O2 Comfy oxygen tubing covers. Great for reducing nasal cannula tubing discomfort and easy to wear and sleep with. Unlike other brands, our Comfy Covers are designed to fit snugly around the nasal cannula tubing without excess material and weight. It's a more tapered fit that is lightweight and without bulk. Fully covers oxygen tubing across the entire face, too! Helps prevent skin breakdown from nasal cannula use. Our O2 Comfy oxygen tubing covers provide great cushioning relief!


SO EASY TO CLEAN! Machine washable, delicate cycle.


SO SOFT Made from fleece in our happy blue sky color.


UNIVERSALLY ATTACHABLE velcro closes softly and holds firmly without bulk. Our nasal cannula ear covers are easy to take on and off.


ADJUSTABLE You can cut our tubing covers to fit if needed.


MELISSA SAYS "I like to use one mine at night when my husband and I watch TV to take the pressure off my ears for a while."


WHAT'S INCLUDED Two fleece oxygen tubing covers.


WHAT'S NOT INCLUDED Nasal cannula not included.


WARNING Keep out of reach of children and pets. 


MADE IN THE U.S.A. Designed right here in Ohio and owned and operated by a woman who uses a nose oxygen tube herself! Fits most standard adult low flow medical cannula sizes. For a multifunctional oxygen accessory like no other ADD TO CART.


BULK ORDERS AVAILABLE for senior living, long-term rehabilitation, and patient education. Contact us at

O2 FRESH™ Comfy Nasal Cannula Tubing Covers

  • Additional Information

    PRODUCT TYPE:  Nasal cannula tubing cover; oxygen accessory, patient comfort and convenience, soft ear and cheek protector.

    MATERIAL:  Face friendly and moisture-wicking fleece.

    COLOR:  Sky blue.

    DIMENSIONS:  5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.

    AGE RANGE:  Adult only.

    USE:  Protection, hygiene, comfort and convenience.

    GUARANTEE:  30 day money back.

    MANUFACTURE:  Manufactured in the United States by a non-profit that speciallzes in job training.

    BRAND:  O2 FRESH™.

    DISTRIBUTOR:  Hartfiel Medical.

    SKU:  THGWB202201

    BULK ORDERS AVAILABLE for senior living, long-term rehabilitation, and patient education. Contact us at