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The O2 FRESH™ oxygen cover is a lightbulb moment - one that re-invents the nasal cannula by adding a cover.


It takes a thought so obvious - patients and nurses take nasal oxygen cannulas off more than you think - to its needed conclusion in post-Covid era.

Support for home oxygen users.

Using oxygen at home isn't hard, learning to live with it is! You need support for this journey. Find it in our O2 Living Blog and also these reputable organizations.

COPD Foundation

The COPD Foundation has great community driven, trustworthy information and a moderated on-line support group. Even if you don’t have COPD, there's a lot of good information about living with oxygen and how oxygen therapy works.

Right To Breathe

Say yes to weekly on-line support group meetings for people with any respiratory illness. Their recent speakers have talked about how portable oxygen concentrators work and taught participants about  the new InCourage percussion vest for the movement of mucus out of the lungs. Some meetings are socials!

American Lung Association

You can also find lung health and clean air information on the American Lung Association website.