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At O2 FRESH™ quality manufacturing benefits the oxygen therapy patient.

The O2 FRESH™ nasal cannula cover is the result of thousands of hours of design and testing with our hospital and university partners and are made here, in the United States, in a beautiful, state-state-of-the-art veteran-owned facility.


We've come a long way from 3D printing prototypes at the local library and are happy and proud to share with you the quality that goes into your O2 FRESH™ nasal cannula cover.

Factory Environment Matters

O2 FRESH nasal cannula covers are 3D printed in a modern US factory and handled during the process by workers who wear masks and gloves.

Trusted FDA-Approved Materials

The biocompatibility certifications of the O2 FRESH nasal cannula cover meets USP Class I-VI and the US FDA guidance for Intact Skin Surfaces. That means the user will not experience any harmful reactions or long terms effects from the material used in the cannula cover and it is safe to touch and handle.

Top-shelf Dishwasher Safe 

Sanitizable, too! The O2 FRESH nasal cannula cover can be cleaned and sanitized.

Extra Processing Adds Value

After printing, each O2 FRESH nasal cannula cover is treated to a special process that adds a texture and shine and seals the material.

Earth and People Friendly 

Certain chemicals like DEHP and those listed in California's Prop 65 can leach out of some plastics and potentially cause cancer or reproductive harm to the user. The material the O2 FRESH oxygen nose cannula cover is made of does not contain DEHP or any chemical listed in Prop 65. It's also reusable.

Tough and Durable 

The O2 FRESH nasal cannula cover performs the way you need it to from first use and every time after. We even had a tester accidentally put one through her washer and dryer. Not a scratch!

Remember the feeling when your child was a toddler and you loved them so much they just seem to have a glow around them? That's how I feel about O2 FRESH™ nasal cannula cover. To me, my little invention glows. In my hand, it feels just right. It’s so simple in operation and yet so clever - a little compression and a push - and nasal cannula prongs pop right in. Natural. Smooth. Fast. No lid, no fumbling. Protection from potential contact transmission in an instant.
Beforethe  inventing the O2 FRESH™ oxygen tubing protector, I was a stay-at-home Mom for 20 years.  I never knew all the thought and consideration and research that goes into developing a consumer product until I did it myself! I knew I was going to use the product, too, so it had to be just right!
For over two years, I researched manufacturing and interviewed over 100 people who use and work with nasal cannulas from patients, to docotors, emergency room nurses, physician assistants, infectious disease experts, and respiratory therapists. At the end I had a long list of qualities I wanted in the material we ultimately chose for manufacturing. I even toured factories to pick just the right one!
And that's the long version of why I chose a material for O2 FRESH nasal cannula covers that has a biocompatability certificate and a high end finish. Honestly, it's over the top quality makes it a little expensive to manufacture, but I wanted oxygen users and medical providers to benefit from the best I could provide in terms of material and craftmanship.
Earning your trust and purchase is important to me and I know you'll love an O2 FRESH nasal cannula cover for its over the top quality, too.
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Melissa Egts, Inventor O2 FRESH™ NASAL CANNULA COVER

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